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Total Solution for TPMS Servicing - OTC TPM Tool Kit
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The OTC Tire Pressure Monitor Kit is designed to be a complete universal kit covering vehicles with Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems (TPMS). The software has the option to AutoScan the wheel sensor or utilize the vehicle entry system for easy and accurate access to the proper interface to the vehicle. The manual contains the critical reset procedures along with all the system information including torque specifications and wiring diagrams.

The monitor has a graphical interface that allows for use of the tool with little or no knowledge of TPM systems. The monitor and manual frequently updated to keep up with changing vehicle requirements.

The TPM Tool includes software that includes the following features:

The new AutoScan features provides the capability to walk up to any TPM equipped vehicle and activate the sensor with the push of a button. This will search through all the communication protocols until the sensor is activated, then a successful activation is shown on the display.

The Diagnostics feature allows for quick check of sensor via the Make – Model – Year vehicle entry system. Selection of the specific vehicle eliminates the search time of proper protocol. Live sensor information is displayed when available. Powerful feature that allows the technician to validate that all the sensors are functional before any work is started.




Reset Procedure
The Reset Procedure is the key function that “resets” the tire locations and will turn off the dash light. This function is accessed via the vehicle entry and walks the user through all the necessary steps to complete the reset procedure.

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