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Tire Pressure Monitoring System Reset ToolCustomers expect repair shops to stay abreast of the latest technology to trouble shoot their vehicles. By selecting the OTC3834 TPR, a 2010 Motor Magazine Top 20 Tool, you can offer your customers additional diagnostic capabilities when doing tire rotations, tire sensor evaluations and reset procedures and make your shop and you more profitable.

The OTC3834 TPR tool works in tandem with the Genisys Scan Tool to deliver wireless reset and activation features of tire presser monitor system sensors. This tool will save you time when doing tire service.

In September 2007, Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems, commonly known as TPM systems, must be installed on all automobiles and light trucks manufactured after that date. There are hundreds of thousands of vehicles on the road today that already have this technology. The majority of these systems use a "direct" system. This system uses wheel based transmitters or sensors (typically incorporated into the valve stem.) The sensor reports tire pressure (and other important information) to the engine control module (ECM) or some specific controller module on the vehicle. Each time that you replace or rotate tires / wheels (or if a defective sensor is replaced) the TPM sensors must be retrained or reprogrammed in order to properly inform the driver of the correct vehicle location for a low or high pressure tire. If the receivers are not reprogrammed, the system will continue to report information but the information may be incorrect such as: correct tire pressure but wrong position on the vehicle information console or instrument cluster.

The OTC's TPR is a fast and simple to use stand alone TPMS activation tool

  • Works on all known TPMS sensors through 2013.
  • Bright graphic display and simple navigation buttons enable vehicle selection for fast activation.
  • Automatically adjusts activation output power to eliminate cross activation of near sensors.

Combine TPR activation with the power of Genisys® scan

  • Compatible with the entire Genisys family of scan tools.
  • Register new sensor ID's on Asian vehicles.
  • Use the TPR to activate and decode sensor ID's and transmit them to the Genisys wirelessly.
  • Bluetooth wireless communication adapter included.
  • Quick reference reset procedures can be quickly accessed on the Genisys.

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